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Upcoming Departures

Next pilots to take the skies!

Who's next in line to take it to the skies?

There are 5 upcoming departures

Airline Flight No# Pilot in Command Departure Arrival Aircraft
IRA610 David Munir OIAW OMDB A319-111 (EP-IEQ)
SVA402871 Assel Hakami HECA OEJN A320-214 (HZ-AS82)
QTR9 Patrick Jed Reyes OTHH EGLL A380-800 (A7-APE)
SVA2881 Khaled Jarrah OINZ OEMA B777-300ER (HZ-AK40)
SVA1525 Pierre Dequack OEJN OETB A320-214 (HZ-ASB)