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Upcoming Departures

Next pilots to take the skies!

Who's next in line to take it to the skies?

There are 6 upcoming departures

Airline Flight No# Pilot in Command Departure Arrival Aircraft
QTR22 Dylan Cope EGCC OTHH B787-8 (A7-BCG)
QTR24 Alexander Naughton EGCC OTHH B787-8 (A7-BCH)
QTR62991 Dali Mehdi OTHH LFPG B777-200 (A7-BBC)
SVA141562 Mostafa Tamer OEJN OBBI B787-900 (A9C-FG)
GCT101001 Azhar Munir Din MMMX YSSY B777-31H(ER) (A6-EGO)
MSR17501 Ryad Mohammed HECA EBBR B777-36N(ER) (A6-EPZ)